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Steve Tobak said, "Marketing is Sex, Everyone thinks they are good at it". But I can assure you, In marketing, everyone is not. Even your Boss, CEO, IT guy, and even half of your people company can't understand the customer need. Even I too have a collection of bad marketing campaigns in my history.

A good example is "Online Advertising & Marketing Contents with no mention of the contact information or brand identity."

One Person Who Really Cared About The Customer Need Is Steve Jobs. He is the guy who really understands what customers love, what makes the people purchase even more the same product (i-ecosystem)

The one who cares about the real need of customers is the marketing genius. Today a lot of the entrepreneurs are making so many things and so many ideas. But some of those are not caring about the customer's needs. So, the majority of the business attain failure. To avoid this failure, you need to follow the law of 5P's of Marketing.

What are the 5P's of Marketing?

  1. Product

  2. Price

  3. Promotion

  4. Place

  5. People

These are the key elements of every marketing strategy. 5P's of marketing are also known as Marketing Mix. The product should be better in functionality, appearance, warranty, quality & packaging. The price should be able to purchase by a lot of people. You should not directly sell a product without the discount price. Everybody should do some promotion for their business because without advertising or encouraging people, a business cannot improve. It includes items such as advertising, sponsorship, advertising & public relations activities. Service/Product distribution is must important to determine the place where you want to market. People describe who gonna work for your business. They can be the staff, sales-marketing and those of your company. The best marketing plan should include a creative idea and a simple summary of the business so that customers can easily understand the business. Do better marketing with a better plan, so that you can reach your brand to the people's heart.

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