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Hey there, In my today's blog, I gonna inform you of a great cafe I'd ever seen before. This cafe made me feel like heaven. I just lost me for a minute while I got dipped in the taste of Osmania Biscuits. Aww feeling hungry still now. This cafe not only made me an addict for tea but also for their brand. I just wanna know about the brand "Tea Time". I'd not seen enough data on the internet which will create an impact on the brand. I just wanna shape the brand to cover the international audience. Tea Time not only made me feel the taste. It made me feel the environment. Interaction between the franchise member and the customer was really great and creates a homely environment around me. If you're new to Tea Time, you'll definitely forget the quality and experience. Sweet memories are made in sweet locations. That's how sweet "Tea Time" is!!!

Everybody should accept that Tea is not only a beverage in India. The only high demanded beverage in India is Tea. Tea is a pleasure for many people in India. A Real Tea, a Good Tea & Taste Rich Tea is high demand. That's what the problem fixed by the Tea Time. Nowadays Tea Time is a growing brand. It attains more than 200 branches in India. Franchise Franchise Franchise Everywhere Franchise. Sweet Tea is available everywhere now. These are made from the original tea leaves from Assam gives additional novelty to Tea Time.

I recently found an article from Economic Times that says that this brand was completed achieved through Word-of-Mouth Marketing. The biggest challenge in word-of-mouth marketing is quality. That's what they achieved. Mr. Uday Srinivas Tangella achieved that much quality and build his brand with simply word-of-mouth and quality. To know more about his life history, please read this article(Tea Time).

Tea Time Forever

Now I'm Tasting the Tea Time in Coimbatore. I just gonna leave Coimbatore in One Year. But I'll never leave TeaTime. My memories are always with it. If you wanna feel the real taste of tea. Map for Tea Time is embedded at the end of the article.

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