Instagram Marketing - Increase Instagram Followers Organically

Instagram is a highly used social media nowadays. In this digital age, promoting your business online and particularly on Instagram is highly useful to gain more customers or more leads. Nowadays, even celebrities are also jumped into Instagram than Twitter. Instagram is easy to showcase your portfolio full of pictures and videos. There is a strategy to increase your Instagram followers, likes and comments which comes under the technique called Instagram Marketing. Instagram Marketing is the study to gain more Instagram followers in both free and paid methods. There are also some critical restrictions which we never did on Instagram to gain followers. By overcoming these restrictions we can improve your Instagram from 0 to 10K followers. Over the technique, there should be a lot of effort given by the user to produce valid output. In this article, we gonna learn how to increase Instagram Followers organically.

Requirements for learning this stuff

  1. Basic Instagram Knowledge

  2. Ready to put effort

  3. Tireless Consistence.

Choose the Best Time For Posting on Instagram:

Believe it or not, time is an important one to post on Instagram. The time of day actually does matter because if you post at a time when no one is online, your content might get lost in the newsfeed and thus receive very little engagement. So you should post it at the best time when everybody is online. The best method to find the right time for posting on Instagram is 7 days of analysis. You have to post 5 posts at different times a day. Repeating this process for 7 days and by analyzing the engagement of each post you can identify the best time to post on Instagram. Time targeting is very important in Instagram Marketing.

Building Relationship on Instagram:

On Instagram!!! Building many relationships is highly necessary for getting more sales or business. Now that you know how to post on Instagram, it’s time to build relationships. Create an engaged community around you. Check out the following ways to build your follower base, tag people on Instagram, and start conversations through direct messages.

Tips to get attracted by more followers:

  1. Be Engaged with your followers.

  2. Utilize Instagram features such as hashtags, geotagging & post notifications.

  3. Put consistent work on Instagram posts and responses.

  4. Comment on your follower's post.

  5. Conduct some giveaway contests to encourage your audience.

Instagram story engagement:

Put a minimum of 5-7 stories per day. This is an effective way than posting your work on the newsfeed. Stories are always at the top of the newsfeed. So, it is highly possible to drive audiences into your Instagram Account.

Personal Account to Business Account:

Switch to Business Account business account on Instagram has a lot of features than the regular account. The business account is the main part of Instagram Marketing. It'll help you to gain more Instagram followers.

Steps to convert Instagram account from Personal account to Business account

  1. Go to Settings -> Accounts

  2. At the bottom, click on the option "Switch to Business Account"

  3. Make sure your account is not in public

  4. Review your business contact information, make any change and click Done.

Advantages of Business Account On Instagram

  1. Contact Action Button

  2. Business Address & Location

  3. Website

  4. Follower Analytics

  5. Ad capabilities

Keep the best Bio for the Instagram account:

Instagram Bio is short to describe yourself. This is highly helpful to gain more targeted followers on Instagram. Brief self or Brand description, Contact information, Emojis, Hashtags and more should be included on Instagram. The wise use of emoji's in Instagram Bio is highly helpful in attracting your potential audience.

The consistent effort on these tips is really helpful in promoting your Instagram. account to gain more followers. The best free Instagram marketing course is provided by Aaronward Online Course.

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