First Corona Virus Case in Coimbatore

Updated: Mar 28

Shocking News for Coimbatore citizens, the first Corona Virus case was reported in Coimbatore. A lady from Spain was affected by Corona Virus and presently admitted to ESI hospital, Singanallur. According to her blood-test report, it results in positive of COVID-19.

Due to the COVID-19 threat in Spain, a woman was returned to India. She was travelled on the plane and arrived at the airport in Bangalore. After that, she arrived Coimbatore via train. She was also tested in the airport and she allowed to enter into the nation as she has any symptoms of COVID-19. After two days, she got information that her friend from Spain was affected by Corona Virus. So she rushed to the Government Hospital to take a blood test voluntarily to confirm it again. It is confirmed that she was affected by the Corona Virus and then she was immediately shifted to the isolation ward. After that, due to various reasons, she was requested to shift her to the ESI hospital. On 19th March, her blood sample was given to the King's lab and her report results in pending status for the past 3 days. The patient's close aids also allege that while she was not having temperature nor any symptoms so far, the medical reports at ESI says that she has been suffering from fever for the past nine days. After she was informed by health officials of her being infected with COVID-19, the health officials have also called her parents to quarantine them and conduct tests.

The fearful part of this issue is she came from Spain through the plane and after that, she travelled by train to Coimbatore. And she took a cab to reach her home. Also, she has been with her parents for at least 3 days before she was admitted to the ESI Hospital.

The warning for the citizens of Coimbatore and the larger public is that this patient is asymptomatic even now. The State Health Minister C Vijayabaskar had tweeted that one traveller from Spain has been tested positive without dwelling any more details.

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