Earn Cryptocurrency Online For Free Using Smart Contracts

Hey there, I hope you all doing well. In this blog, I gonna share with you something that how I'm making dollars just simply sit at my laptop. The best way to earn cryptocurrency online for free using Blockchain's Smart Contract. What is Smart Contract? How I'm making money through this? Let's talk about it.

What is Smart Contract?

Smart Contract is a programmed protocol which will act as a middle man between two persons in the contract. Let me explain to you with an example. If a person who is in need of website designing give it as a contract to a company to do so. Now the company is hiring a developer or a freelancer to do the website contract. Now, here the company is act as a middle man between client and developer. That's what smart contract does. Have hope for a computer program is better than the hope for a human owned company. This made the best way to earn cryptocurrency online for free using blockchain.

How to making money with it?

First of all, you have to purchase a block in this blockchain. Every transaction in this blockchain is done with Ethereum Coin. The value of Ethereum is fluctuating. To purchase a blockchain you have to pay 0.05ETH to the Forsage company. When you purchased a block, a dashboard will be provided for you. After that, the network should be formed around you. You can either form networks with your own or you can wait to get networks randomly around you. When you're having a network around you, you'll get income from it. Income also in Ethereum coins. After the construction of a good network around you, your income will get improved automatically. If you're having a big chain around you, you can earn $8000 every 30 days. This is how I'm making earning cryptocurrency(Ethereum) online without any investment and completely for free.

Steps To Start Your CryptoCurrency Earning Today:

1. Install Trust Wallet from the PlayStore or AppStore.

2. Create a new wallet.

3. Backup your seed phrase (NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT PROCESS).

4. Your wallet will get created

5. Now you need to deposit ethereum coin in your wallet. Here, I'm giving 0.055 ethereum coins for 1000 INR or $14 otherwise you can also get it from Giottus Crypto Market. If you wanna purchase ethereum coin from me, contact me by click here.

6. Now copy the given link: https://forsage.io/i/o8l5kt/

7. Paste this link in the DApps Search Box of the TrustWallet.

8. Then you'll be redirected to Forsage page.

9. Click Here To Register -> Confirm -> Approve. By approving, You'll purchase a block and receive a notification that "Smart Contract Executed"

10. After that, enter the link forsage.io in the DApps Search Box.

11. Now click Login. Everything is done right now. You'll be redirected to your dashboard. If not, enter the wallet address of your trust wallet in the login box and click login only.

That's all the process, Now all you need is a network. My personal suggestion is to build own network. By referring your friends with your Affiliate link. You can get your link on the dashboard.

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