Do you have an idea about Black Hat SEO?

Updated: Mar 22

Black hat SEO is the technique used to improve the ranking of the Google Search Engine with violated terms and conditions of search engines. The term "Black Hat" refers that the persons that are doing any unethical activities with computers.

In this article, you can learn :

1. Tactics and techniques are used by the Black Hat SEO.

2. Report method of Black Hat SEO

3. Is this method is safe for the website?

Recognized Black Hat SEO :

1. Content Automation

2. Doorway Pages

3. Hidden Texts & Links

4. Keyword Stuffing

5. Negative SEO or SEO Reporting

6. Sneaky Redirects

7. Line Schemes

8. Link Manipulation

9. Guest Posting Networks

10. Cloaking

11. Article Spinning

12. Link form, Link wheel, Link Networks

13. Snippet Markup Spam

14. Automated Queries to Google

15. Creating Pages, Sub Domains & Domain with duplicate content

How To Report Black Hat SEO:

Two major reasons for reporting the black hat SEO. One is maybe your website was attacked by any malicious hacks and the other is you may see the spammy result on the competitive keyword.

Reason to avoid Black Hat SEO:

This is not a legal procedure for doing SEO. If you did Black Hat SEO on your site, then your site will be banned by Google and the other search engines. Though there may be some short term success, google will eradicate your side lifelong. So, please beware of doing Black Hat SEO. Google is updating its security flaws day by day. So stay away from Google's eye.



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