Coronavirus: Death toll rises in Italy

The total number of global cases has surpassed 150,000, including more than 5,700 fatalities. Over 73,000 patients are reported to have recovered. Get the latest updates from around the world:

01. WHO, UN officials stress the importance of COVID-19 as a pandemic

02. Italy confirms 368 new deaths in one day

03. The UK confirms 1,372 positive cases

04. Ghana closes borders from countries with more than 200 cases

05. Spain orders a nationwide lockdown after 1,500 new cases

06. France orders closures of non-essential shops, cafes, restaurants and cinemas

07. Trump says US travel ban will be extended to include the UK and Ireland

08. Canada and Australia issue self-isolation mandates for international arrivals

09. Information from WHO and health agencies

10. Information from journalists, health experts, epidemiologists and more

Top trending hashtag and sensational news for the past two weeks in India. It really made huge suffering among human society. I can frankly say you that even getting ou hands on any nonvegetarian meals reminds the sufferings of Corona. According to the European country's report, Corona is much time faster spreading than China.

Exact Mapping of Corona Virus: Click Here

New COVID-19 pandemic data visualization, updated March 15: Click Here

Stay Clean and Stay Safe

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